is a company that was founded in February of
2020 and aims to operate in various sectors
like defence industry, medical sector, security
sector, construction sector and defence
industry sector.

In order to provide services in these sectors,
advanced R&D works are being conducted on a
scientific basis with İ.T.Ü. Faculty of Mechanical
Engineering TEMAG Laboratory in focus of radiation
protection shielding, industrial and special purpose
paints, textiles suitable for use in defence industry
and consumables that can be used in the disposal of
radioactive waste.

Tamer Çiçekçi

Turing Chemical Industry, Industry and Trade Inc.


based products are being used for radiation shielding
all around the world. Every country included in the European
Union has been wanting to solve this issue and quit using
lead which is hazardous to health in various ways. As Turing
chemistry Inc. we created a domestic and national, global
and strategic high tech product.

With our radiation shielding plate that is approved with
reports of TAEK (Turkish Atomic Energy Authority) and uses
boron ore which is a strategic ore for our country, we want
to make this product a Turkish global brand first in our
country then on the global market.

Our product; that is ready to use as hard shield and flexi shield; is a domestic, healthy, light and incomparably advantageous product that will quickly replace imported, heavy and highly hazardous lead plates in the medical field. Considering that our annual lead plate import is 40 million dollars every year and this market is globally 1,1 billion dollars worth market; we can describe the worth of our invention as it is.

Alongside the effects in health and economy, strategically
our country will have strategic leverage against nuclear in
the defence industry. Even in the Corona period between
Azerbaijan Armenia, between India China there were a lot of
nuclear threats. Even the fires near the nuclear power plant
in Russia carries a risk that an urgent need may arise on
these topics in the upcoming period.

And we want to start the sale of our product that is ready in
the medical field all around the world starting from our
country, and in the meantime improve the R&D of the
product to produce more precious strategic products to the
whole aviation industry and defence industry.

On these topics every strategic, financial and know
how supports will bring us to our final destination faster. Our
Global patent and KOSGEB applications have been made and
our Istanbul teknopark membership has started.

With the document in the addition we share more detailed
information about the subject within the secrecy rules.

Thank You