According to the International Atomic Energy, a person is exposed to an average of 2.8 milliliters (mSv) of radiation per year. While 85% of this originates from natural sources, namely cosmic rays from earth, sun and space, 14% are medical irradiations (MR, etc.) and 1% are manmade (radioactivity and nuclear power plants released into the atmosphere due to nuclear weapons experiments). It stems. Since alpha, beta and gamma rays are not visible, our organs, tissues, and our entire body interact with radiation without realizing it. Most of the time we do not notice this interaction, we understand when its effects begin to emerge.

Usage Areas

Hospitals ;

Nowadays, it is possible to obtain an image using X rays X-ray devices, Computed tomography (CT), Mammography, Fluoroscopy and Angiography devices, Ultrasonography (US) with sound waves and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) devices with a large magnet and radio waves are widely used in the diagnosis of diseases. Digital X-Ray Digital Mammography Digital Fluoroscopy Ultrasonography and Doppler Digital angiography (DSA) Bone Mineral Densitometer16 Cross-sectional Computed Tomography256 crosssection, Computerized Tomography3 Tesla, Magnetic Resonance Imaging1.5 Tesla, Magnetic Resonance Imaging PACS (Image archiving and communication system). X-rays are used in these systems.

X-ray devices;

It can be used in interior cabinets, curtains, handle bars and containers
of X-ray devices.

Airplanes ;

Increases as you Rıseradiation on the sea surface is 0.3 micro Sievert(mSv). The radiation increases exponentially with the climb of the aircraft shortly after takeoff.There is no protection against cosmic radiation in flight cabinets. We protect both passengers, pilots and personnel in the cabins with special composite alloys we produce.

Telephone Containers;

Absorb from the radiation effect of the phone when you sleep or rest (to prevent) you can use the apparatus we developed and prevent the radiation from spreading.

In the houses;

Despite the wifi – base stations – telephones – microwave oven and radiation particles from outside, we have developed paint that we can use in our homes. Thanks to these dyes, we prevent non-ionizing radiation and lead a healthy life.